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GCFM EB-5 Experts:

President & CEO: Anthony Rodham

Anthony Rodham
President & CEO
Anthony Rodham


Anthony Rodham is a skilled professional in investment management and business administration. Known for his ability to bring people together, Mr. Rodham has been useful in implementing many different business ideas and international ventures. He has spent many years consulting with businessmen from around the world to help ideas materialize into successful enterprises.

Mr. Rodham has been involved in political outreach since 1974, when he first worked on Bill Clinton’s campaign for the House of Representatives. Later, Mr. Rodham worked with former President Bill Clinton on his Arkansas Attorney General campaign, Arkansas Gubernatorial campaigns, and Presidential Campaigns. Subsequently, Mr. Rodham’s political organization skills and personable nature were utilized by the Democratic National Committee for coordinating constituency outreach. Mr. Rodham also worked for his sister, Hillary Rodham Clinton, during her Senate and Presidential Campaigns.

Mr. Rodham studied Political Science at Iowa Wesleyan College and at the University of Arkansas. He currently resides with his wife and three children in the Northern Virginia.